Apr 9, 2017

Hasstile Takeover - April 8, 2017

Jordan brings his friends along to figure out what to rank between Bacon Bits, Tattoos, Cycling, Samsung Galaxy S6, and Hillary Clinton, later he learns about birthday treats, what Ted got at Rocket Fizz, and what Audrey is making for dessert.



Jan 20, 2017

Parting Gifts 01: Divided and Idiotest

JH & JH go through the prime time game shows (The Wall, To Tell The Truth, Big Fan and Match Game), ask about prizes and if they matter, and review 3 game shows - Divided, Idiotest and Pointless.

Have a good time!


Jan 12, 2017

Game Show Podcast Pilot - The Wall, Big Fan, !mpossible

Still a work in progress, as we try and figure out what sort of things to talk about in this exciting world of game shows, We discuss three new game shows in development, and review three game shows currently on the air (well okay, two of them are from the UK, and that was more of an off-the-cuff review, but whatever)



Dec 11, 2016

The Hasstile Takeover Holiday Special 2016

Jordan does a quiz on 2016, and we figure out the winner of the people's choice awards, Ian never had a big mac.

Featuring music by DIAL-A-CAROL!


Nov 17, 2016

Pilot - The Idea Guy

Jordan Hass invites his friends to come up with great ideas, including a new flavor of potato chip, an edutainment video game, a way to fix the Washington Redskins and creating a magazine for children.




ROUND 1 : A New Flavor of Potato Chip

Ian - Thanksgiving Dinner

Ted - Soda-Flavor (Root Beer)

Audrey - Lightly Salted with White Tears

Dylan - Surf and Turf with Butter


ROUND 2 : Edu-tainment Video Game

Ted - Are We There Yet?

Audrey - Baby's First Crime

Dylan - EmojiFun

Ian - "Class"


ROUND 3: Fixing The Washington Redskins

Audrey - Washington Potato Skins

Dylan - Washington White Skins

Ian - Washington (REDACTED)

Ted - Washington Red Stars


ROUND 4: Print Magazine for Children

Dylan - Magazine 4 Kidz

Ian - Ga'zillions

Ted - Cartoon

Audrey - Food Network Magazine For Kids


Oct 28, 2016

Hasstile Takeover - He’s Drinking Orange

Jordan decides to enjoy himself an orange drink answers the buzzfeed and then decides to talk video games


Oct 10, 2016

Hasstile Takeover - Nobjockey

Jordan, Ted, Jack, Josh and Lister learn new swear words, answer 90s Trivia Questions and give some video game advice like every other podcast in existence.


Oct 3, 2016

Hasstile Takeover - Going To Craft Services

Jordan, Jack, Ted and Josh find out about survivor, making a snazzy theme song and figuring out how to get this podcast off the ground.


Sep 25, 2016

Helping Out Reddit

Jordan and pals go through the landscape of Reddit and help people out with questions that are on their mind, things on the tip of their tongue, and awkward decisions involving work and food.


Sep 11, 2016

Video Game Hall of Fame

Jordan and friends look at Halloween Costumes, quote Family Guy, attempt to find the most expensive sunglasses,, Figure Out The Prices of things on Etsy, and come up with hot tv show ideas! And the usual great ideas.


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