Pilot - The Idea Guy


Jordan Hass invites his friends to come up with great ideas, including a new flavor of potato chip, an edutainment video game, a way to fix the Washington Redskins and creating a magazine for children.




ROUND 1 : A New Flavor of Potato Chip

Ian - Thanksgiving Dinner

Ted - Soda-Flavor (Root Beer)

Audrey - Lightly Salted with White Tears

Dylan - Surf and Turf with Butter


ROUND 2 : Edu-tainment Video Game

Ted - Are We There Yet?

Audrey - Baby's First Crime

Dylan - EmojiFun

Ian - "Class"


ROUND 3: Fixing The Washington Redskins

Audrey - Washington Potato Skins

Dylan - Washington White Skins

Ian - Washington (REDACTED)

Ted - Washington Red Stars


ROUND 4: Print Magazine for Children

Dylan - Magazine 4 Kidz

Ian - Ga'zillions

Ted - Cartoon

Audrey - Food Network Magazine For Kids