Overanalyze - The Runner


Overanalyze is a mini-podcast where I overanalyze EVERYTHING about a certain television show for as long as humanly possible, rather it is a game show or a reality show, and this isn't necessarily a pilot, but just something for me to spill EVERYTHING i can about Go90's "The Runner".

And unfortunately, it wound up being FOUR HOURS LONG and I really do apologize about that, you could listen to this on your adventure from one full city bounce to the other!
From the rules, to the contestants, to strategies, to what I would change to answering questions from fans of the show, I go through as much as I can, and for bonus points, you can find out when my voice gets sore from talking too much.
Yes, even I need to shut up every once in a while, but until then. HERE'S AN OVER ANALYSIS OF THE RUNNER, certainly going to put a bunch of you to sleep!

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